An aerial apparatus and act designed and created in 2013 by The Dream Performance

The stunning freestanding lollipop hoop known as...

La Luna

lollipop hoop

In combining the grace and fluidity of classical Ballet, with the power and strength of aerial hoop, a dynamic new performance has been developed, designed and choreographed by the artist herself.

In a selection of beautifully choreographed works, La Luna has fast become one of the UK's most popular aerial acts. We offer choreographed shows as well as ambient freestyle performances. Contact us for more information


This unique act has broken boundaries, bringing beautiful aerial performances to venues, audiences and events across the UK and Europe previously inaccessible to the aerial arts. It's creative freestanding design means that La Luna can be performed anywhere.


The structure has a diameter of only 2m, and height options of either 3m or 4m, making it the most versatile we have ever built. Suitable for any venue, without taking out large areas of floor-space. Quick and simple to set up and take down and even moveable during an event. Add to that the fact that the hoop spins and needs no additional support and you have a truly unique and jaw-droppingly beautiful performance.



Freestandig aerial moon lyra hoop

A breath of fresh air, La Luna is an innovative and beautiful concept in freestanding aerial performance.

An original design created in the UK by The Dream Performance in 2013.

Due to popular demand, we now have 4 x Luna available!

Beware of cheap imitations. La Luna is the UK's original and we have worked for over 7 years with highly skilled and experienced engineers, to develop the very best acts with our world-class aerial skills. We have over 15 years of professional experiece in creating safe, unique and high end quality performances. Why accept anything less...

Current La Luna Acts Available to book now...

Classical White

The original and still the most popular of the La Luna repetoire, this stunning act in white embodies the elegance and beauty of classical Ballet in both the choreography and the styling, as the artist performs the act entirely in pointe shoes.


Choreographed to a beautiful female vocal, this act has been performed in a huge variety of settings from private parties to company parties and brand launches. A new classic for aerial circus.


This act utilises amazing LED technology, to create brilliant colour-changing lights. These LEDs are surrounding the hoops themselves. 


 You can choose the perfect colour for your event, or you can opt for a colour-changing medley of gorgeous lights.


Available as solo, duet, trio or quartet, ambient freestyle performances or dynamic choreographed shows.



'An act to fall in love with...mesmerising...'


The wistful charm of the vintage fairground is brought to life with this hand painted carousel horse, spinning around on a circular stage.

This act is perfect for any fairground, circus or vintage theme as horse and rider spin around gently to the sounds of the carousel.

Available as either ambient freestyle, or choreographed show.



 Ahoy there! 

Our beautiful sirens of the sea are one of our most stunning acts. With their sequinned tails and unique freestanding anchor, they really are a cut above the rest. 

Let them lure you in with their beauty as they dive and swim in and around their spinning anchor. 

Perfect for any nautical / sea / beach themed event - or just for those who love mermaids! 



Sugar sweet and good enough to eat!


La Luna has earned the nickname of 'Lollipop Hoop' ™

On it's cupcake stage, wtih pink topping, surrounded by lollipops, this act is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Available as either ambient freestyle, or choreographed show.

Aerial Mermaids with freestanding aerial anchor. Sea theme nautical sirens

The Cat's Pyjamas

A really cheeky little number, this act was inspired by Baz Lurman's film - The Great Gatsby.

Swinging around to a charleston rythm, with a nod, a wink and a whole lot of charm. This cat has certainly had the cream!


Available as solo or synchronised duet.

Gatsby Lollipop Hoop aerial hoop act freestanding aerial hoop, Lollipop Lyra

Christmas Wishes

La Luna celebrates the festive spirit in this magical creation. A real Christmas Faerie sits on the tree wearing a twinkling, colour-changing dress programmed with hundreds of LEDs.


The tree and Faerie gently spin around whilst bestowing Christmas wishes on your guests.


Available with decorated post box for Christmas wishes, this a truly memorable and magical interactive act for young and old.


Christmas LED lollipop hoop act. Freestanding aerial hoop, Lollipop Lyra

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