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Champagne Glitterati - Aerial Bartending

Champagne, Bubbly, Nectar from the Gods... however you describe it, Champagne turns an event into a celebration.​

When giving your guests something a little special to drink, why not serve it in an extra special way.

Our world-class aerial artists are a fabulous choice for any celebratory occasion, combining effortless acrobatic skill with oodles of charm.  Suspended high above your guests, our artists perform in aerial hoops or harnesses. As well as being available on a variety of freestanding aerial structures. Dynamic aerial acts can be added to provide all-round entertainment, and if you are wondering how we can install our wonderful aerial chandelier, then just contact us for more information.

Champagne Bubbles

Fancy something a little more colourful? They why not go for our fantastic 'Champagne Bubbles'


We have replaced our crystal chandelier with a beautiful bunch of colourful helium balloons to create this wonderful 'floating' effect for our aerialists.

From golds and ivories, to red hearts and many, many more.

You can choose from hundreds of colours, shapes and sizes, even customise your balloons with names or photos of your choice. 

Themes can include weddings, team / favourite colours, hearts, starts, flowers and more.

We can provide multiple performers to fill your room with champagne bubbles.

wedding laybackHIRES (2).jpg
Enchanted Garden Lo Res (8).jpg

Love the idea of an aerial bartender but have no rigging point? No problem! We have a range of freestanding aerial rigs that fit into any space! 

Here is the brand new 

'Champagne Gardens'

This gorgeous freestanding aerial rig is just under 3.5m in height and is perfect for aerial bartending.

Incredibly simple to install, it is so lightweight we can even travel internationally as we can take this in luggage on a plane! 

With two experienced and interactive aerialists this is the perfect centrepiece to any drinks reception.

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