Liquid Crystal

Matt is one of the UK's most talented and dynamic jugglers. Combining over 20 years of training in both classic and modern juggling, close-up magic, modern dance styles with a smattering of physical comedy, his fabulous skills continue to captivate and amaze audiences of any age.

Matt isn't just an amazing contact juggler. He is also skilled at juggling hats, clubs, balls, and classic yo-yos. 

Stage shows or mix-n-mingle, his brilliant combination of incredible skills with wonderful humour makes him simply the best.

In his 'Liquid Crystal' act, Matt breathes mesmerising life into an otherwise inanimate crystal ball.

In his support act, Matt blends classic hat manipulation with world class yoyo play to create a playful yet highly skillful performance that will inspire his audience to dig into the attic and dig out that box of toys that they forgot about when they grew up. . .

"Beyond Awesome"

Derren Brown

"There are loads of performers on the scene that I really rate. . . Matt Hennem, the most incredible juggler I’ve seen; it's like he has power over gravity!"

Jonathan Goodwin, TV escapologist in Time Out London“


"this was something else. . . I think my jaw actually dropped a few times, it was so well done.”

Time Out

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